Open Concept and Lighting: New Decoration for Cafeterias

Most people are used to seeing cafeterias decorated in brown. Generally, cafeterias combine the color of coffee with all their furniture, as well as their walls. However, although this tradition has lasted and has many advantages, other coffee shops have opted for a transgressive design, open concept, andthey give much more importance to light.

Modernity has changed the traditional decoration of coffee shops, but in some cases, it has completely remodelled it. Depending on the type of business, this has its advantages. The new open concept d├ęcor usually incorporates large windows, silver colors, and transparent tables. This type of decoration has been very successful in mixed businesses, where they sell coffee, but also peas and desserts.

Coffee and Tea

Coffee has become the most important drink in the world, but tea has always been behind it. In general, coffee and tea have always been united as drinks, but they have not always shared space in cafeterias.

However, there are more and more shops that offer both coffee and tea. Many of these have opted for the open concept style of decoration and large windows, to give more transparency to the air in the store, and also to show the customer that they are not only selling coffee.

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