Wood and Brown Stuff: Traditional Cafeteria Decoration

Coffee is a brown drink. The coffee bean, when matured and roasted, turns brown. Bread, too, is brown. All this has made cafeterias generally choose to have brown decorations. And what is the most famous brown material? Wood. That’s why most coffee shops have chosen to have wooden objects, and their decorations are very much influenced by the color brown.

Although this is a traditional type of decoration, it has been renovated a lot. Even today, you can see big coffee shops, such as Starbucks keeping brown as one of their main colors. But other elements are also incorporated, such as bricks. The traditional design of cafeterias has many advantages. Some of them are:

More Elegance

Without a doubt, finding a brown coffee shop with wooden objects conveys elegance and tradition. Through this type of decoration, the client will be able to feel attracted to a place that wants to transmit positive experiences through coffee, adding to the meaning that this drink has had throughout history.

Cafeteria Recognition

Also, a brown store immediately brings identification: most clients associate brown with coffee. So, much presence of brown and wood is not even found in pizzerias, hamburger shops or restaurants in general. Therefore, decorating cafeterias with brown gives them more recognition and identity.

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