Arabica or Robusta Coffee: Which Is Best for a Coffee Shop?

There are two great varieties of coffee in the world: Arabica and Robusta. The first is the best known and from which the best coffee is obtained. Generally, Arabica coffee is more appreciated for its finer flavor. However, robusta coffee is an excellent option at a lower price, which gives more caffeine and a more rustic flavor.

Everyone has different tastes. Generally, coffee shops tend to work with Arabica coffee because they try to offer a top-quality product. However, this does not mean that Robusta coffee is excluded from cafeterias as there are many good reasons to include it. Both types are good for health and for business.

Differences In Taste

Arabica coffee is a small plant, which generally grows in the shade and relatively mountainous climates. In contrast, Robusta coffee is a plant that grows much higher and is better adapted to surfaces. All of this has an impact on the taste: Arabica, because it requires more care, is of higher quality and has a better taste than robusta, which has less smell and a less deep taste.

Which One to Choose?

Generally, cafeterias offer services mainly with Arabica coffee. Since they are businesses that want to give their users the highest quality, the Arabica is the one that fits the bill. However, it does not fit all budgets. That’s why many other coffee shops use blends with Robusta coffee or even provide simpler, high caffeine coffees thanks to Robusta beans. This is because Robusta beans have much more caffeine than Arabica beans. Whatever the choice, both types of coffee can provide quality and good taste.

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